We build new wall and extension floor levelling, to standard wall also patio and driveway.

  •  Gained practical, hands-on knowledge of all aspects of commercial construction and remodelling.

     Earned a reputation as a trusted assistant: produce high-quality work and keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

    2007-2009 Grange Wood Builders

    Multi-trade Building Contractor,

    One of the major projects was at Kingsbury’s Primary School and it was in two phases. Phase one was to build a corridor and a store room for the PE department. The second phase was to underpin the existing building in six different points. Selected Achievements:

     Major excavation work was required to make way for the foundation, steel work, and masonry. Over 30,000 tons of mud and replaced it with masonry. I was involved in using a lot of high-tech machinery such as JCB breaker, compressor, chainsaw, dumper truck.

     Developed a solid knowledge of how to successfully use an extensive array of tools, hardware, and building materials.


  • Follow blueprints and building plans to meet the needs of clients
  • Install structures and fixtures, such as windows and molding
  • Measure, cut, and shape wood, plastic, and other materials
  • Construct building frameworks, including walls, floors, and doorframes
  • Erect, level, and install building framework with the aid of rigging hardware and cranes
  • Inspect and replace damaged framework or other structures and fixtures
  • Instruct and direct laborers and other construction helpers.
  • Carpenters fasten materials together with nails, screws, staples, and adhesives, and check their work to ensure that it is precisely completed. They use tape measures on nearly every project to quickly measure distances. Many employers require applicants to supply their own tools.


In the United Kingdom, wiring installations are regulated by the Institution of Engineering and Technology Requirements for Electrical Installations: IEE Wiring Regulations, BS 7671: 2008, which are harmonised with IEC 60364. The 17th edition (issued in January 2008) included new sections for microgeneration and solar photovoltaic systems. The first edition was published in 1882. In 2018, the.

  • 18th edition of the wiring regulations BS7671:2018 was released and came into force in January 2019 and BS7671:2018 Amendment 1 was issued February 2020. BS 7671 is the standard to which the UK electrical industry adheres, and compliance with BS 7671 is now required by law through the Electricity, Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002.{Electricity, Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002}



Shed building

Foundationfinish we build a shed for one of your clients, the spec had spots lights under floor heating. All the wall had insulation and dimmer switches.  storage at the side that had fridge and sockets and lighting with own door.


Soundproof walls

We have built a partition wall with Acoustic insulation with breaker bar, and double up one the soundproof plasterboard and seal with acoustic silicone. Then plaster the wall with multi finish and the wall is ready for painting.


Electrical rewiring

the wall is ready for painting.

Foundationfinish as done an electrical rewiring project for a three-bed house. First, we do a full strip out of the old wiring and rerun all the cabling for the lights and the sockets, and the main fuse box with two phase RCD breaker.


Baths & Kitchens

Foundationfinish has install bathrooms and kitchens, first this the layout of the space you must work with. And putting in the piping in place and the electric points and fit the units and all the appliances.